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Looking for IV Sedation Dentistry in Brisbane?

At Sleep Dentistry Brisbane, we specialise in IV sedation dentistry, offering a serene and relaxed dental experience for adults with dental anxiety in Brisbane.

Understanding IV Sedation Dentistry
IV sedation, also known as twilight or sleep dentistry, is a method of sedation that involves administering a sedative intravenously. This technique is ideal for patients who experience significant dental anxiety or require complex dental procedures.

Benefits of IV Sedation Dentistry

  • 01.
    Deep Relaxation

    Creates a dream-like state, making you feel relaxed and at ease.

  • 02.
    Little to No Memory

    Most patients have no memory of the dental procedure, easing anxiety.

  • 03.
    Pain-Free Experience

    Ensures a comfortable experience without the sensation of pain.

  • 04.
    Safe and Controlled

    Administered by qualified dentists, ensuring your safety throughout the procedure.

  • 05.

    Ideal for lengthy or complex procedures, saving you time.

Our IV Sedation Services
  1. Comprehensive Dental Examinations
  2. Complex Dental Procedures
  3. Wisdom Teeth Removal
  4. Dental Implants and Surgeries
Is IV Sedation Right for You?
IV sedation is recommended for:
  1. Patients with high levels of dental anxiety or phobia.
  2. Those undergoing lengthy or complex dental procedures.
  3. Individuals with a low pain threshold or pronounced gag reflex.

The IV Sedation Process

  • 01.

    Discuss your dental needs and evaluate if IV sedation is right for you.

  • 02.
    Pre-Procedure Preparation

    Review medical history and prepare for sedation.

  • 03.
    Administering Sedation

    A thin needle is used to administer sedation via IV.

  • 04.
    Dental Procedure

    Undergo your dental treatment in a relaxed state.

  • 05.
    Post-Procedure Care

    Recover in our clinic before heading home with a companion.

Ensuring Safety and Comfort
  1. Board-endorsed specialist anaesthetists or sedation dentists administer IV sedation.
  2. Continuous monitoring of your vital signs during the procedure.
  3. Personalized care to meet your specific dental and comfort needs.
Schedule Your IV Sedation Consultation in Brisbane
Experience a stress-free dental visit with IV sedation dentistry. Contact Sleep Dentistry in Brisbane for a consultation. Call us at 07 3343 4869, or book an appointment online. We’re committed to making your dental experience as comfortable as possible.
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